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Best Socialite San Francisco 2007 - Vanessa Getty

Charity starts at home, and no one typifies this clich?d line of altruism more than Vanessa Getty. Although we have yet to receive a dollar from her to help us out on our incessantly late rent, Getty's philanthropic work is second to none. OK, maybe second to the Stepmother From Hell (you know who I'm talking about). Anyway, what we truly like about dear Vanessa — aside from the rumors of her pissing off her Getty in-laws and her loathing of former friend Mayor Gavin Newsom — is that she's our very own socialite-cum-model. Having appeared in a handful of fashion spreads over the past year to promote labels you will never, ever be able to afford, she was captured in W Magazine last year in what was perhaps one of the most awesome shots ever of a society gal: sporting curlers while sitting atop her coffee table next to a horse head, gazing off into either the bright future as the queen of San Francisco, or into a deep-blue diazepam haze. Let's see Golden Girls Ann Getty or Dede Wilsey successfully pull off something like that.
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