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Best Tanning Salon San Francisco 2007 - Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar

1996 Union

San Francisco, CA 94123


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Now that it's officially lethal to lie in the sun without a floppy hat, Ray-Bans, and several coats of SPF 57, how can the melanin-challenged attain that beautifully bronzed look favored by the toned and robust from Copacabana to Stinson? Brown Sugar offers the perfectly safe airbrush tanning option, but with a difference: Instead of entering a booth, stumbling around in an ocher nimbus, and emerging with an uneven epidermal palette of brown, beige, and orange, an actual person applies the mist to your corpus and to your specifications. The result: a perfectly even nose-to-toes tan that will convince your co-workers that you spent the weekend on the sands of Waikiki. (Women are invited to go nekkid during the womano-a-womano airbrush process, but men are required to sport a modest swimsuit.) Although the entire operation takes less than 15 minutes, you can enjoy your safe and saucy tan for more than a week.
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My friends and I go to brown sugar all the time, and I always get the best tan! I love the personal airbrush sessions & would NEVER do the automatic spray booths ever again! Thanks for giving them the props they deserve!

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