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Best Tea Brewing San Francisco 2007 - Modern Tea

It stands to reason that a tea salon opened by Alice Cravens, assistant to the famed late Bay Area tea guru Helen Gustafson, would offer not only extensive and well-described lists of teas, but also perfectly brewed tea. The beverage as served here will amaze you, whether you're used to a Lipton teabag drowned in hot water or are proud of your own pet method. First, choose from a changing list of about a dozen-and-a-half options, most fair trade and organic. They brew teas two different ways at Modern Tea, both using loose leaf, unconfined tea leaves. The two-pot method is used for British-style teas, steeped in a large pot with lots of water and then strained into your individual pots. The other teas, suitable for multiple infusions, are brewed loose-leaf in individual pots, which you can top off with water from a thermos of hot water left at your table. Both methods result in limpid, pungent liquids that are what tea should always (and rarely does) taste like.
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