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Best TV Reporter San Francisco 2007 - Dan Noyes

While local TV news the nation over continues to take flack for obsequious coverage, our hometown reporter Dan Noyes has fashioned himself into Mayoral Enemy No. 1. Back in January, the chief investigative reporter for ABC 7 incited Gavin Newsom's old spokesman Peter Ragone to point into the reporter's face while spewing idiocies and later to deny having blasted Newsom critics on blogs under cyber-aliases. And that's just the press secretary. While hundreds of shouting constituents and chicken-suited critics fail to ruffle Newsom's feathers, Noyes' critical questions usually lead to exchanges of thinly veiled animosity and the mayor fleeing the premises. One great exchange featured Noyes pursuing the mayor out the door, Newsom saying, "I will happily talk to anyone from Channel 7." Noyes counters, "How about Dan Noyes?" and Gavin answers, "I don't have much inclination to talk to this particular reporter because of the remarkable inability to be accurate with the facts." Noyes was left holding a microphone to Newsom's slammed car door, and we were left waiting for more.
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