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Best Vending Machines San Francisco 2007 - JVD Global Inc.

JVD Global Inc.

JVD Global Inc.

658 Clement

San Francisco, CA 94118


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We struggled with this one — after all, at least one other store on Clement Street has a similar array of coin-operated magic, and there are a few good spots in Chinatown. But in the end, we give the nod to this odd little store that has two specialties: money transfers and toys. Their vending machines stand sentry just outside the door and also crowd the entryway, and each machine holds a trove of bizarre figurines in plastic eggs. The Peek-a-Pooh series features a small, plastic Winnie the Pooh figure in various rubbery costumes that hide everything but his little round face. A new batch of collectibles comes out every few months; right now we're enjoying the Garden Edition that includes such delights as Grasshopper Pooh, Gnome Pooh, Mole Pooh, and Flower Pot Pooh. Each twist of the lever costs you a cool $1 in quarters, but it's so, so worth it.
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