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Best Video Store San Francisco 2007 - Four Star Video

Four Star Video

Four Star Video

402 Cortland Ave.

San Francisco, CA 94110


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In a city with so many great video stores, it's the little things that count. Four Star Video certainly has the basics covered, but this film treasure trove in Bernal Heights also has a section devoted to British TV, so if you want to spend the weekend watching alternating episodes of The Duchess of Duke Street and The Black Adder, you can. (Just don't wonder why you don't have very many friends.) And there's the special satisfaction that comes from knowing there are separate shelf categories carved out for "British Retro," "Cheech & Chong," and "80s Teen Sci-Fi." Too lowbrow? The entire Criterion Collection is ready and waiting for you, along with an impressive selection of foreign-language films and '70s classics. The employees know their celluloid and pen a blog that's actually worth reading. (Which movie has better shots of San Francisco: A View to a Kill or Invasion of the Body Snatchers?) Even the Four Star T-shirts, featuring a VHS tape drawn by artist Simon Evans, are worth the trip, especially on Wednesdays, when rentals are only a buck.
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i want listen to the chanson best of best

Carol Denker
Carol Denker

Wow, thisis great news. This store sounds terrific. If we had one in Philly like this, we'd be a happier population.

Please keep this newspaper in the loop of further developments with Four Star Video.


Carol Denker

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