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Best Way to Stay on Top of Local Music Shows San Francisco 2007 -

If you want to talk about old school, let's talk about someone who's still willing to conduct his vitally important business via snail mail. All private underground-rock-loving citizens are still welcome to send the mysterious Mr. Stephen Koepke an SASE (that stands for "self-addressed stamped envelope," kids) in order to stay on top of the vast majority of interesting shows in the Bay Area and beyond. But luckily for those of us who pick our nightlife selections off the Internet, this exhaustive and lovingly compiled night-by-night run down of what Mr. Koepke champions as "funk-punk-thrash-ska" listings (but which deigns to include indie rock, noise, hip hop, and the occasional deserving big-name show) is best viewed at, or conveniently delivered to your inbox fortnightly or so, if you ask Koepke nicely via e-mail: Whatever medium you prefer, the List unerringly lays out the options, locations, prices, and underage-status for cheap rock 'n' roll music, at bars, clubs, warehouses, and house shows, any night of your life.
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