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Best Way to Volunteer San Francisco 2007 - One Brick

One Brick

One Brick

1629 Lake St.

San Francisco, CA 94121


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There are never enough volunteers to serve our community needs, but it would be wrong to say that this is because there aren't enough kindhearted people around San Francisco. One Brick puts them together. Their simple yet ingenious approach eliminates three large concerns that keep many from volunteering: time, commitment, and confidence. The Web site features a calendar of volunteer activities that One Brick is participating in on any given day, from beach cleanups to shifts at food banks, and those folks who are interested in helping out just sign up for the ones that appeal. This model offers something valuable and rewarding not only for those served, but for the potential volunteers. One Brick enables them to tend to a wide variety of local concerns while discovering the areas in which they excel. It's also a great way to involve visitors in search of a refreshing alternative to trodding the tourist path.
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