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People & Places Readers' Poll San Francisco 2007 - Readers' Poll Winners:

Best Comedy Act: Uphill Both Ways
Best Stripper: Jade-Blue Eclipse
Best Writer: Dave Eggers
Best Activist: Medea Benjamin
Best Mechanic: Aaron at Advanced Audi
Best Morning Crew: KFOG
Best Radio DJ: Dave Morey
Best Talk Radio Host: Dorka Keehn
Best Newscaster: Dennis Richmond
Best Politician: Gavin Newsom
Worst Politician: Gavin Newsom
Best Neighborhood: The Mission
Best Weekend Getaway: Napa
Best Place for a First Date: Golden Gate Park
Best Place to Get Married: City Hall
Best Change in S.F. since 2006: Healthy Saturdays
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Aaron ROCKS! Best service for audi/vw, best prices, great personality! This is right on.

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