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Best (and Worst) Politician San Francisco 2008 - Chicken John

Last year, artist and erstwhile anarchist punk clown John Rinaldi (aka Chicken John) thought it improper that Gavin Newsom would run unopposed on the Democratic ticket for the office of mayor. Even though the odds of the incumbent retaining his office were astronomically in Newsom's favor, Rinaldi decided to run against him. Chicken John's bid for the office, dubbed "Nuisance '07," did not result in what would be considered a traditional win, but raised awareness and eyebrows in the mainstream and caused nods and winks from the Burning Man community, whichrelished even the improbable fantasy of a man with a First Dog (named Dammit) taking over City Hall. The mural on the side of his Mission District headquarters that used to say "Chicken John for Mayor" has now been amended to read "Chicken John for Supervisor." Tom Ammiano: Watch your back, dude.

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