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Best BART Musician San Francisco 2008 - Jesse Morris

San Francisco musician Morris read Johnny Cash's autobiography as a teenager, and the result is a BART artist who earns the crumpled dollars tossed into his guitar case from something other than a nagging sense of pity. If you're lucky on weekday mornings as you pass through the 24th Street or Montgomery BART stations, you'll swear you hear the Man in Black himself as the 23-year-old Morris does his uncannily realistic versions of Cash's hits, strumming his acoustic 1968 Guild D4 guitar. But Morris is no corny cover artist: The 6-foot-3, 325-pound artist shaves his head and wears a spike-studded leather jacket, black boots, and the words "Fear" and "Hope" emblazoned on his knuckles. The "Die Yuppie Scum" pin on his lapel would seem to alienate many of the folks in the morning commute, but he makes a convenient exception: "Yuppies who tip aren't scum."

Click here for video footage of Morris at Montgomery station.
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jesse morris
jesse morris

i give this guy handjobs all the time!ha ha ha!

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