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Best Blogger San Francisco 2008 - Brock Keeling, SFist

As the editor of (and most frequent contributor to) the obsessively updated tribute to San Franciscan dysfunction known as SFist, Brock Keeling veers from breathless entries on local crime ("Manhunt for Sunset Pizza Shooter!") to random mash notes directed at the male half of the local demimonde ("Craigslist's Jim Buckmaster is, like, um, way hot. Who knew?"). He embodies no less than the odd combination of civic awareness and inveterate randiness that typifies the off-kilter vibe of San Francisco (and we're not just saying that 'cause he's the Weekly's former clubs editor!). Since its launch in 2004, SFist (part of the Gothamist family of blogs) has become a reliably eccentric source for local news and gossip. And, of course, like most good bloggers, Keeling is responsible in part for a massive productivity suck that, over time, may well destroy the local economy. But really, now: It's not his fault that those of us with lame desk jobs would rather read about Gavin Newsom's hair.

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