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Best Commercial Radio DJ San Francisco 2008 - Chuy Gomez, KMEL

Jesus "Chuy" Gomez began his career in Bay Area radio in the early '90s as a morning sidekick for Mancow. But Chuy (aka "Chu-Dog") was never meant to stay in the background, as longtime listeners of KMEL will attest; he has been a solo personality there for more than a decade. Chuy in the Morning has the requisite zaniness a program in its time slot requires. But Gomez' show also features arguably some of the best music played on the hip-hop- and R&B-heavy station all day, at a time when the playlist isn't beholden to Clear Channel dictates and only the here and now. Monday through Saturday afternoons, he also plays a convincing radio DJ on television, sitting at a very similar setup to play videos for the California Music Channel. Turns out he doesn't have a face that's only meant for radio.

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