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Best Divorce Kits San Francisco 2008 - Divorce Kits & Notary Public Service

Divorce Kits & Notary Public Service

Divorce Kits & Notary Public Service

5636 Geary

San Francisco, CA 94121


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With this year's recession, more married people will become broke, stressed out, and easily annoyed. They'll fight, scheme, tire of each other, and lose hope. Pondering the next logical step, malcontent husbands and wives will encounter an ironic hurdle: the same poverty that caused them to want a divorce also made the lawyers, accountants, financial analysts, real estate appraisers, antique valuation experts, business valuators, vocational therapists, life coaches, physicians, expert-testimony hacks, anger-management experts, child psychologists, and mediators often attached to this nullifying of a marriage beyond financial reach. Enter Scott Brody, notary public and coproprietor of Gables Office Supplies & Stationery in the Richmond District. The store sells quickie divorce kits for less than $20. And Brody, an agreeable former teacher quick with the sort of laugh and friendly asides bickering couples might find soothing, notarizes documents for a mere $10 each. If the economy improves, and couples cheer up and decide to get back together, he can notarize domestic partnership forms, too (but not marriage certificates). That way couples can try reunification on for size first, "to see if it's going to work out," Brody explains.

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