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Best DJ Web Site San Francisco 2008 - Dr. Toast's Amazing World of Toast

If Web sites were cars, some DJs would own tricked-out street racers, loud and flashy machines with zooming custom graphics and embedded Shockwave music blasters. Others seem content to ride public transportation, i.e., MySpace. But for sheer personal expression, Dr. Toast's Amazing World of Toast is the idiosyncratic art car: a cheap generic chassis (in this case, a lo-fi WordPress blog format) upon which personal quirks are given free rein. And Dr. Toast's favorite quirk is, naturally, toast. Thus in addition to the usual gig listings and MP3/album downloads, the Amazing World of Toast provides tasty recipes, fills you in on the latest toast news, and ushers you into the magic world of toast haiku ("Loaf's fortunate heels/Spared from a toasty demise/United at last"). There's even a forum to "Ask Dr. Toast" for advice about your pressing toast-related issues. Frankly, the only thing missing is cinnamon.

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Brand Lee
Brand Lee

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Eric Nguyen
Eric Nguyen

His site is noteworthy enough that a lot of people miss his music. It's all-original, meticulously-crafted stuff; he's a producer of the highest skill.

And if you just want more of the quirk, check out his electronic music genre generator, poking fun at the endlessly multiplying little scenes of music here in San Francisco:

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