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Best Epic Kitchen Vintage Supply Store San Francisco 2008 - Cookin'



339 Divisadero

San Francisco, CA 94117


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Cookin' is an overstuffed cookware anomaly. Filled with funky latte bowls, 1970s Time/Life cookbooks, vintage Le Creuset, and copper pots just like your mom used to use, this is a great place to rummage away an afternoon. Its cantankerous owner — a lady who spends a great deal of time fussing with her funny little dog or grouching about un-Cookin'-worthy customers — makes a crafty magician. Ask her about an old-school paring knife, a honey dispenser your mother used to like, or a platter you need for an upcoming dinner party, and she'll mysteriously retrieve the hard-to-find object of your desires from the bowels of this wonderful old cookware store. Cookin' is an adventure, a store full of wacky and unique utensils that provides customers with a taste for pre-Food Network cookin'.

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