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Best Falafel San Francisco 2008 - Sunrise Deli

Sunrise Deli

Sunrise Deli

2215 Irving

San Francisco, CA 94122


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You can demand lots of delicious Middle Eastern things at the eat-in Sunrise Deli, from a half-pint of hummus ($3.49) to a 45-to-50-pound roast lamb stuffed with rice and chopped lamb ($400), but what you shouldn't miss is the excellent falafel sandwich. The secret, the owners say, is the freshness. Their recipe includes garlic, onion, a little chopped green onion, and enough minced parsley to turn the falafel nicely green under the crunchy brown crust. Stuffed in a split pita with chopped lettuce, diced tomatoes, za'atar-dusted sliced onion, and drizzled with tahini, with a few olives and julienned pickled turnip on the side, this sandwich is big enough for a light lunch for two, and only $5.49. Top it off with walnut or pistachio baklava at $1.75 a chunk.

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