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Best Frozen Yogurt San Francisco 2008 - Caffe Ambrosia

Caffe Ambrosia

Caffe Ambrosia

14 Trinity Place

San Francisco, CA 94104


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Sure, we all know how thick, fermented mammal milk has been consumed for thousands of years from Central Asia to the Mediterranean, and how its lactic bacteria helps fight all manner of life-shortening microbes and slaps around cholesterol and carcinogens to boot, but our most pressing question at the end of the day is: Does it taste good? Most importantly, in its frozen state can it hold any sort of a candle to the pleasures of ice cream? At Caffe Ambrosia, the answer is oh yeahhh. Its frozen yogurt is so good, we've been known to huddle at one of the establishment's sidewalk tables on a frigid San Francisco spring's eve, scarfing down a cup of French vanilla, indifferent to meteorological considerations. The toffee nut is a rich and creamy distillation of caramel and butterscotch; the strawberry is as sweet and fruity as a midsummer shortcake; and the phenomenal "plain" variety is a tart, refreshing, barely sweetened palate-cleanser with the thick, chewy consistency of a fine gelato. Tucked in a Financial District alleyway, this shoebox-sized yogurt emporium will satisfy any sweet tooth, salubrious or otherwise.

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