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Best Hand-Printed Fabrics San Francisco 2008 - Anne Kirk Textiles

Top-quality craftsmanship is getting tougher to find. But if you're designing the interior of your home or business, and want that old-world look that you can get only with hand-printed fabrics, you're in luck. San Francisco is fortunate to have Anne Kirk Textiles, one of the last places in the country to design and silk-screen interior fabrics by hand. Kirk, who has a background in fine arts, is a skilled designer who uses her knowledge of patterns and color to bring draperies, furniture, and upholstered walls to life. While the industry becomes increasingly automated, hers is probably the last fabric manufacturer in the country that can produce large hand-printed orders for homes, restaurants, and hotels. If you want to create a conceptual environment for a special event — say, a Venetian atmosphere at an outdoor wedding or anniversary — Anne Kirk Textiles can help with tablecloths, napkins, and canopies.

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