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Best High-Art Ping-Pong San Francisco 2008 - Ping Pong Gallery

Joey Piziali, co-owner of the Ping Pong Gallery in Potrero Hill, got skunked, and the rules are the rules. "I had to crawl ass-backwards under the table," he admits several months after the crushing defeat at one of the gallery's bimonthly social gatherings. Piziali and his partner, Vanessa Blaikie, opened the Ping-Pong–themed gallery in November 2005 with the idea that the game and its back-and-forth nature had applications to art. They brought in a five-by-five white Baltic birch table and recorded the sound of the ball being hit to use as background music in the gallery. Though the point of the gallery was obviously the art, its opening day included a high-level tournament, complete with USA Table Tennis ranked players. Though a few people wound up crawling ass-backwards, the tournament succeeded, and plenty of people called for a rematch. The next Ping-Pong social is August 8.

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