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Best Home-OfficeAlternative San Francisco 2008 - Citizen Space

Citizen Space

Citizen Space

425 Second St.

San Francisco, CA 94107


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If you're one of the lucky bastards who get to work from home, or if you just constantly whine about how hard it is to meet people in San Francisco, we implore you to pay a visit to Citizen Space. This grassroots "co-working" community is a collaborative area in which freelancers, telecommuters, and independents can be superproductive while networking with other cool people and getting a healthy dose of cafe culture, sans the dawdly people-watching and bad service. Folks who want to drop in can check out books and enjoy free WiFi and coffee. If you want to go one further and become a monthly resident for a nominal fee, Citizen Space throws in your own desk, 24-hour access, snacks, insurance, and use of stuff like conference rooms and projectors. If you're accustomed to dingy home offices with paltry views and dungeonesque lighting, you'll appreciate the funky loft ambience and all the sunlight. The best thing about Citizen Space, however, is its infectious collaborative spirit. The fertile exchange of ideas is reminiscent of traditional salons or intellectual societies, and you'll also find yourself thinking of "a way to give back to the universe what you are receiving today" (Citizen Space's dominant maxim) with a smile. And people who come here tend to be smart and nice and driven. And you can always count on the person next to you to watch your stuff while you take a pee.

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