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Best Hot Chocolate San Francisco 2008 - Bittersweet Cafe

Bittersweet's hot chocolate makes you rethink the whole cocoa genre in the same way gelato redefined ice cream and Graffeo expanded the notion of a good cup of coffee. The liquid endorphins served at this classy little Pacific Heights cacao establishment take unsuspecting sippers to such unimagined heights of chocoholic bliss, you'll never again settle for the wannabes that once sustained you. A cup of Bittersweet's world-rocking elixir is like a warm, creamy, insanely good chocolate bar in melted form, just sweet enough to cushion the bracing bitterness of the cacao, just bitter enough to accent the chocolate's deep, earthy intensity. In addition to its titular brew, Bittersweet serves a Classic variety with both dark and milk chocolate, a Chocolate Chai, a Venezuelan White Chocolate with cardamom, and a Spicy concoction involving pepper and cinnamon. Brownies, cookies, hand-rolled truffles, and 120 chocolate bars from around the world are on the bill of fare as well.

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Although I loved chocolates in a bar I also enjoy hot chocolate drinks. It soothes my taste and energizes my body. How I wished I have it now?

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