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Best Intellectual Use of a Soapbox San Francisco 2008 - Bernal Bubbles

Bernal Bubbles

Bernal Bubbles

397 Cortland

San Francisco, CA 94110


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The Laundromat is not typically a highly intellectual environment. The thrum of the washers and the hum of the dryers could lull even Einstein into a snooze. On the first Saturday of every month, however, Bernal Bubbles transforms into a mini lecture hall, full of listeners eager to learn about art, culture, science, and other high-falutin' topics. Artist and owner Ray Beldner began his aptly named Soapbox Lecture Series in February 2007, and has since featured notables such as Leonard Shlain, author of Art and Physics; sex educator Annie Sprinkle; and the founder of Art Car Fest, Philo Northrup. The action starts at 10 p.m., and the free lectures run half an hour. Afterward, guests mingle across the street at 301 Bocana Gallery, where more conversation bubbles up.

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