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Best Legal Skateboarding Spot San Francisco 2008 - "Third and Army"

A rectangular plaza initially created to accommodate lunching factory workers, Third and Army (more like Indiana and Marin) has existed as the city's unofficial public skate park for more than a decade. Flush with the Islais Creek channel, the spot is iconic for its block-long stretch of waxed concrete ledges. Recently, proactive locals have anchored a flat-bar and added a concrete quarter-pipe (now the spot's second), in which Eric Koston and Mark Gonzales are shown skating on this month's cover of Skateboarder. Don't forget the plywood kickers and the iconic bike rack gap (although the stakes have been lowered since the rack's removal). Never a bust, this spot is great any Saturday afternoon unless it's windy. Do be careful, though, of stray hypodermic needles (the homeless hang here, too) — and always be kind to the blunt-smoking fishermen — even if they call you Tony Hawk.

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