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Best Local Filmmaker San Francisco 2008 - Amanda Micheli

From the very beginning, when Amanda Micheli's college doc about women's rodeo, Just for the Ride, scored a national PBS broadcast and a Student Academy Award, it was apparent she was a filmmaker to keep an eye on. It wasn't just her talent that set her apart, but also her resolve to spotlight women whose stories never get told. Consider Micheli's years-in-production crowd-pleaser Double Dare, a raucous, poignant portrait of stuntwomen Jeannie Epper and Zoë Bell. (Add it to your list, now.) Most recently, she and Isabel Vega were nominated for a best documentary short Oscar this year for La Corona (The Crown), their marvelous 40-minute piece about a beauty pageant in a women's prison in Colombia. Perpetually in demand to shoot other people's docs, Micheli turns out her own films less frequently than we'd like. Stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled, though, for her best is yet to come.

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martha collette
martha collette

i have seen and loved her movies Double Dare and Thin------the visuals and people stay with you!

i can't wait for more.

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