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Best Local Lil' Indie Band That Could San Francisco 2008 - Dodos

If you're looking for San Francisco's next Rogue Wave or Two Gallants, or at least the next-likely band to make an impact outside the 580-split, no need to look farther than our own Dodos. A duo comprising guitarist Meric Long and drummer Logan Kroeber, their sound is infectious enough to keep this bird's buzz alive. Word is the Dodos will be playing the Pitchfork Music Fest this summer in Chicago — but don't let Pitchfork's stamp of approval discourage or sway you. Instead, check out Dodos' record, Visitor, just out on French Kiss. You'll find it overflowing with catchy melodies that cross Animal Collective with Quasi, and tempting tunes like "Fool" and "Jodi" ensure this locomotive is geared to top every music critic's year-end list.

Click here to listen to "Fools" by the Dodos.

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