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Best Local Scandal San Francisco 2008 - The Tomato-Throwing Beau

We've all been there. Drunk. Mad at a significant other. Wanting to do something cuh-razy. But when Lance Farber crushed tomatoes into the carpet and set fire to the mattress inside San Francisco's historic fire chief's house — which Mayor Newsom had so graciously offered to Farber's boyfriend John Rahaim, the city's new planning director, as a temporary residence — well, that was one for the history books. Farber, a New Age chiropractor, was lucky he didn't burn the house down, but that's where his luck ended. Unable to post a million dollars' bail, he wound up in jail for six weeks, and then had to cough up more than $50,000 to pay for the damages before he could check himself into rehab. It's like having our very own Britney!

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