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Best Mac Repair Shop San Francisco 2008 - PowerBook Guy

PowerBook Guy

870 Market

San Francisco, CA 94102


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When the time-released self-destruct mechanism built into all PowerBooks and iPods inevitably kicks in (typically about three to four hours after you simultaneously try to write a best-selling novel, watch high-definition pornography, lay down some beats on your digital sequencer, keep up with three online social networking Web sites, and send an instant message to your friend about what you're doing right now), there's nothing quite as frustrating or humiliating as crawling into the Apple Store Genius Bar. For this reason, we love the PowerBook Guy, whose name conjures a shifty-eyed tweaker selling computers in a parking lot but who, in truth, offers some of the most honest, fair, and efficient Mac repair services in the city. He even sells refurbished computers at reasonable prices, absolving you of the need to break into other people's cars and steal their laptops when you're on an editorial deadline.

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I’m honestly surprised to see someone checking out this page. I didn’t know people had problems with their Apple Mac computers, especially not in Portland.

You are obviously here, so you must be looking for some sort of help with your Mac, so enough joking. Don’t worry though, whatever the problem is – we can fix it! Whether you’ve got an iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Pro, or Mac Mini, we can repair it for you! If you don’t need a repair, we can do the necessary upgrades to keep it current! Macs last forever, but software changes and eventually they’ll need some tune-ups to keep up.

We can install RAM in your Mac, or just tune it up a bit to get rid of things you don’t need – whatever you need, we’re more than competent. Our Nerds have all kinds of experience with all kinds of Macs and keeping them in good working order.

On the occasional case that your Mac needs repair, we can fix them for you quickly. Whether your PC co-worker gave you a virus out of jealousy or you dropped your laptop, we can take care of it.


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Tako Disuko
Tako Disuko

Funny article. I know the owner and he is definitely not a tweaker or shifty. He is an honest guy and he runs a good business that I can definitely recommend.

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