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Best Magic Shop San Francisco 2008 - The Sword and Rose

The Sword and Rose

The Sword and Rose

85 Carl

San Francisco, CA 94117


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This teeny gem of a specialty shop is bound to appeal to all sorts, from run-of-the-mill Harry Potter fans to neo-pagans who spell "magic" with a K. Even if you're not necessarily in search of an alembic for your own philosopher's stone or driftwood wands and other love-spell ephemera, the twining ivy and moth-eaten ambience of the Sword and Rose is bound to make you want to pop in for a look. Treats like handmade incense, ornamental daggers, lichen-speckled busts of obscure Roman deities, and aromatic essential oils pepper the place — and if you're not in the mood to shop, you can opt for a palm reading, or sink back into one of the cozy velvet armchairs and simply survey your surroundings, which include a delightfully twee garden that looks fully capable of concealing a few pixies or hobbits. Whether you're into the dark arts or looking for a few interesting trinkets, it's a great place to sojourn during rainstorms or a case of the blahs.

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Jane Heaven
Jane Heaven

a connoisseur's magic shop run by a true wizard.....

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