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Best Monument to the Wedding-Industrial Complex San Francisco 2008 - Treasure Island Chapel

Treasure Island Chapel

Treasure Island Chapel

410 Paul Ave.

San Francisco, CA 94124


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A relic of the long-closed Treasure Island Naval Air Station, the picturesque chapel, built in 1943, is one of the few buildings on the forlorn and waiting-to-be-redeveloped former military outpost that is still used for one of its intended purposes. Absent any regular services since the Navy pulled up anchor, it's in essence a glorified (and quite splendid) wedding chapel, available to all comers at the base rate of $100 an hour, courtesy of the Treasure Island Development Authority. Countless couples have tied the knot here, including former newspaper heiress and SLA revolutionary turned East Coast society matron Patricia Hearst Shaw and her hubby of nearly 30 years.

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What a beautiful little building! Looks so modern for 1943 construction. My parents, from the Bost0n area, were married there, March 11, 1944, while he was in the Navy, but I'd never seen a picture of it. My mother joked about how her wedding was unusual because she had a male maid-of-honor. Their attendants were actually 2 witnesses, not maid-of-honor and best-man. My father survived being at Pearl Harbor during the attack a couple of years before, and then spent the rest of the war all over the Pacific. That month in San Francisco in the Spring of '44 must have been a wonderful respite.

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