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Best Muni Line to Ride as an End in and of Itself San Francisco 2008 - The F-Line Trolley

In as gay-friendly a city as San Francisco, it's only fitting that everyone has the chance to bellow the lyrics of a Judy Garland song: "Clang, clang, clang went the trolley!" The F-Line trolleys — which shuttle foreign tourists, domestic tourists, and the occasional local between Pier 39 and the Castro — aren't exactly rapid, but they are transit. The trams are a joy to ride in the same way that possessing a bottle of Champagne is reason enough to celebrate. The multihued vintage trolleys resemble their forebears from locales as far-ranging as Missouri, Milan, and Moscow. Also, you'll learn how to ask "Which way is Fisherman's Wharf?" in French, German, Hebrew, Urdu, Japanese, and Esperanto. If you never quite outgrew your childhood love of trains, the F-Line is a quick fix of nostalgia. And, at $1.50 a pop, it's less than a third the price of a cable car.

Click here for a video tribute to the F-Line.
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