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Best New Skate Shop San Francisco 2008 - Mission Skateboards

With a half-dozen of them in San Francisco, skate shops are not exactly rare in this town. But the city has been missing a back-to-basics shop — that is, until Mission Skateboards opened late last year. Instead of overtly catering to money-burning sneakerheads the way other shops do, co-owner Thorin Ryan provides skateboarders with a firm-handshake sort of place. Skate videos old and new loop on a projection screen, and the clerks are always down for a sidewalk barbecue (beer provided!). The shop carries a healthy stock of decks by Deluxe and Girl Distribution, and a grip of wheels and trucks, including Ace. A knock to the store, though, is its limited shoe selection (only DC, Nike 6.0, Puma, and Converse). That's okay for the time being; get your Vans at FTC, but buy everything else here.

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