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Best Nudist San Francisco 2008 - George Davis

George Davis was born naked, and constantly fights for his god-given right to remain that way. We last saw the former mayoral candidate in April for the Olympic torch protests, strolling the streets starkers and carrying a handmade human-rights torch of his own, leaving giggles and screams of ?There are children here!? in his wake. May 1 marked his sixth official arrest for public nudity in San Francisco. This time he was cheerfully promoting his new book, Weapons of Mass Deception, at Fisherman?s Wharf (where he?s known by his nickname, Naked Yoga Guy). The cops didn?t like his outfit, or lack thereof. Fortunately for Davis, nudity is not a crime in California unless the nudist is lewd, and the district attorney?s office dismissed all citations for each arrest, including this one. If the cops think they?ve gotten the best of Davis, they?re wrong. He plans to continue signing his book in the buff. Let?s just hope he doesn?t run for mayor again.

Click here for video footage of Davis -naked, of course- at the Olympic torch protests.
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Kenny the Clown
Kenny the Clown

I had the opportunity to run against George for Mayor of San Fran(sillyness)cisco. Not only was George a worthy opponent, he was a real gentleman as well. Though my preference is not to see George (or any other man) naked, I fully respect his right to his nakedness.

Kenny the Clown

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