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Best Online Views of S.F. San Francisco 2008 - MapJack

MapJack is a little start-up company that has blanketed S.F., just like Google Earth, with a free, very fine service: streetside imagery. But unlike Google, MapJack offers pictures that are so clear and vibrant they'll make you want to turn off the computer and go outside. Like a glossy travel brochure or a trip to Fremont, the site reminds us of just how nice-looking our city can be. The day it captured S.F. (sometime in March 2007) was a gorgeous blue-sky day, and the site's mascot, the darling Sims-like Jack, even leads you down bike paths and Fisherman's Wharf docks. As to how it beat Google at its own game, MapJack is coy: "What others have done with NASA budgets and Star Wars-like equipment, we've done on a shoestring budget, along with a few trips to Radio Shack."

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