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Best Outdoor Basketball Court We Can't Tell You About San Francisco 2008 - Somewhere on States Street

The people who play pickup games at the best basketball court in San Francisco don't really want you to know anything about it. So we've decided on a compromise. We'll tell you about the court, but only on the condition you never show up. Ever. Understand? Great. On a beautiful sunny Saturday, please don't ever take Market to Castro to States and then drive up the hill and park your car. Then, do not walk up the path to the sun-drenched court, which overlooks the Mission and the Castro. Do not also admire the views of the Bay Bridge and the Transamerica building. In between the intensely competitive, midlevel pickup games, do not hop the fence to drink from the garden hose sitting in the illustrious flower beds near the court, and do not smile at the dogs running around in the nearby park. Lastly, do not whine about the unforgiving rims. If we had invited you in the first place, we'd kick you out for complaining.

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