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Best Outing with the Kids San Francisco 2008 - Tandem Bike Trip to Tiburon (Plus Ferry Back to S.F.)

Every adult who has fidgeted for two hours in the Bay Area Discovery Museum's Clifford the Big Red Dog exhibition — or whatever other child-intoxicating abomination has been installed there since — knows how achingly boring it can be to take the kids to, well, places where kids want to go. But there is a solution: tandem bikes. You scoff, we know — but hear us out. Children absolutely love riding a bike as fast as they've seen their parents doing, going where their parents go, and being part of a team. "Trail-a-bike" style attachments, in which an extra kids' bike attaches to the seat post, have become a popular and inexpensive tandemlike option. But they're far less stable than a real tandem, and they subsume the child to a second-class team member. With a kid-adapted tandem or triplet up and running, a ride from the city to Tiburon and a ferry ride back turns what might be a stultifying day at children's museums into a thrilling day of full-family exploration and adventure.

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