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Best Place for a Man to Get a Dyke Haircut San Francisco 2008 - Barberella Hair Lounge

There's nothing wrong with straight guys who want to look like k.d. lang. After all, she has great hair and no shortage of girlfriends. In fact, dykes often end up with coifs hetero men would love to have, but it's just too awkward for them to approach a well-groomed lesbian hottie walking her pit bull in Bernal Heights and say, "Excuse me, who does your hair?" But there's good news, gents. If you have a constant craving for one of the cool cuts you've come across around town, then you need to visit the Barberella Hair Lounge, where Cid Peaters specializes in men's haircuts that would be right at home in the pages of Curve magazine. She'll skillfully provide you with the fauxhawk or rockabilly pompadour of your dreams, along with free between-cut touchups.

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