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Best Place to Fall Asleep and Still Wake Up with Your Wallet San Francisco 2008 - Douglass Park

Douglass Park

Douglass Park

Douglass St. & Clipper St.

San Francisco, CA 94114


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Douglass Park is one of those places that gets you feeling all nostalgic about the salad days of your childhood — you can even go ahead and get all weepy about it, since there's enough thick foliage and secret entrances to keep you safely concealed from prying eyes. The park comprises an upper and lower field, which house a dog park and a playground respectively. All the trails, rocky outcroppings, and picturesque trees add to the quiet allure and quasisuburban charm of the place, harking back to Norman Rockwell and small-town cookouts. It's close to a school, so you can always hear the distant din of screaming kids, but it's isolated enough to give you that much-needed reprieve from urban life and its stinking masses. It's also a great spot to grab a blanket and camp out if you find yourself caught up in one of those rare gabfests with a date or new friend and wish to prolong the magic into the wee hours.

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