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Best Place to Learn from (Sort of) Famous Artists San Francisco 2008 - Intersection for the Arts Intersection Institute

Don't you wish you could go back to school? Art school, a writing program, or something creative? That would be great! You could finally get out some of those ... ideas, or whatever, that run through your head driving you crazy. It's sad, though — you don't have time. Gotta work. Gotta raise kids. Worse, nagging away at your brain stem is the sense that you may never have time. But hold the phone: What if you could take a single, short evening course, once a week, for a month? What if it were taught by a highly admirable local artist, and all you had to do was show up? It's real. At Intersection for the Arts' Intersection Institute, there's no months-long, paperworky registration jive, and the short courses don't cost much. Art curating with Queen's Nails Annex Gallery owner Julio Morales, graphic novel-making with comics queen Ariel Schrag, and Michelle Tea's "Performing Your Life" are a few recent classes. Program director Rebeka Rodriguez tells us that Margo Hall's five-week acting workshop, a lecture on "Writing from Experience" by Stephen Elliott, and a month of "Personal Stories for the Stage" led by Porchlight's Beth Lisick and Arline Klatte are some — but far from all — of the classes scheduled for the summer.

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