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Best Place to Skate Under the Influence San Francisco 2008 - 16th St. between Church and Mission

A boozy midnight barge down 16th Street's seamless blacktop is a great way to enjoy the city after dark. It's also the most fun way to violate the city's bullshit ban on skating at night or in the street. Powerslide, split lanes, and skitch your way to that fifth tall can of Tecate. If you're itching to crack it and wanna socialize, post up with lurkers outside Delirium, aka Hooker Spit. That's where skateboard barneys, American Apparel employees, fixed-gear babes, and other fun hipsters convene. Hell, city legends like Tommy Guerrero and Brian Anderson sometimes skate by. If you do decide to answer that last call inside the bar (don't), ask the door guy to stash your cruiser behind his stool. No worries — he's already storing a cache of boards.

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