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Best Place to Smash an SFPD Car San Francisco 2008 - Piñata Art Studio & Gallery

Piñata Art Studio & Gallery

Piñata Art Studio & Gallery

4268 Mission

San Francisco, CA 94112


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So you've always wanted to bash the hell out of a patrol car with a stick? Take your anarchic instincts to Piñata Art Studio & Gallery. The front window of this Excelsior treasure is filled with paper princesses, but the real charm is in the custom piñatas. Choose from a grinning monster head, a teal-Mohawked punk rocker in silver boots, a 5-foot-long green dragon, a gold-beaked rooster, or, yes, a cop car. You can even request the head of your friend (or enemy), and owner and designer Romeo Osorio will do his best to papier-mâché up a likeness. Osorio is a true virtuoso; he was one of the founders of the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, and operates a little fine arts gallery space featuring Mission artists inside the piñata shop. Piñatas range in height from 2 to 5 feet and cost $15-$75.

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