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Best Place to Virtually Meet a Famous Author San Francisco 2008 - Red Room

Why do so many wannabe writers sign up for MFA programs? Because they want to schmooze with authors. Instead, they could just sign up for a new social network dedicated to hooking up lovers of literature. Founder Ivory Madison became known for her writing workshops, held in the "red room" of the historic San Francisco Archbishop's Mansion. Last year, she launched the virtual version of Red Room. Using her excellent connections to get some big-name authors to blog, including Amy Tan, Terry McMillan, Maya Angelou, Maxine Hong Kingston, Ayelet Waldman, and Barack Obama (flogging his books, not his candidacy), she has created a community that connects readers, writers, and wannabes. Madison, whose first novel is about to be published, says 400 published authors are members, and she expects those numbers to double this year.

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