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Best Pork Buns San Francisco 2008 - Clement Restaurant

Clement Restaurant

Clement Restaurant

621 Clement

San Francisco, CA 94118


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You know those big, starchy pork buns you wave away at the classy dim sum joints, the ones with the teaspoon of sugary mystery meat and a whole lot of encompassing breadstuff? They wouldn't see the light of day at Clement Restaurant, where the prosaic pork bun is raised to new standards of succulent gratification. Here the freshly baked dough is on the minimal side, more of a pillowy casing than a dominating force, while the warm, fragrant filling is a luscious five-spice goulash of onions, sweet peppers, and tender pork. This marvelous snack costs a mere $1 (80 cents for the steamed version) and is best ordered ahead of time: they tend to sell out by mid-afternoon. You can enjoy them in the restaurant proper, or get them to go, with a selection of the establishment's yummy dumplings, potstickers, scallion buns, and sesame balls for a peerless picnic in the park.

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