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Best Public Art San Francisco 2008 - Art on Market Street's Kiosk Poster Series

Locals rarely use a city kiosk on a busy street, figuring that it contains all sort of information that they already know, like the path of the streetcar that they're waiting to catch. But starting last November, they could have gleamed some vital information about new projects: a zip line that zoomed commuters across the bay ("Zero to 85 mph in 4.6 seconds"), a football stadium that grew crops (Candlestick Farms), library BART cars, and MUNI of Tomorrow, which consisted of a tram and an elephant. A bit of fine print announced the man behind this utopian vision: artist Packard Jennings, who created the alternative-S.F. posters with Steve Lambert as part of the Kiosk Poster Series. That a 14-year-old public art program run by the San Francisco Arts Commission managed to nab Jennings, one of the most exciting artists in the Bay Area, bodes well for the future of our humble street kiosks. Keep your eyes peeled.

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