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Best Reason to Get an STD San Francisco 2008 - Magnet



4122 18th St.

San Francisco, CA 94114


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For the record, we're not huge fans of hanging out at STD clinics (though we hear it isn't a bad scene if you're into sloppy seconds). However! Unlike the farcically inefficient City Clinic with its weird ticketing system and Eastern Bloc decor, Magnet offers free testing that doesn't feel like symbolic retribution. First of all, the volunteers seem to understand that you don't want to spend your Saturday waiting for somebody to call your number. (Innovative!) So you show up, you're assigned an appointment, and you can then kill time by cruising around the neighborhood for your next chance to pick up chlamydia. Oh, and the counselors? They're polite enough to ask only a few questions about how often you've been fisted in the past month. (Remarkable!) Of course, this magical land of unicorns and daisies is exclusively for gays: straights will have to go elsewhere, grab a ticket, and wait their turn.

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