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Best Rockin' Art Gallery San Francisco 2008 - Queen's Nails Annex

Queen\'s Nails Annex

Queen's Nails Annex

3191 Mission

San Francisco, CA 94110


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The four-year-old Queen's Nails Annex is a hurricane, a monsoon, a swarm of locusts. Hey, it just might be the second coming. It's also an edgy, funkadelic gallery in the Mission conveniently located next to Queen's Nails (hence the folks at this gallery simply add "annex" to their name and — poof! — they're able to ride their neighbor's sign). With the guidance of its directors Mike Bianco, Julio Cesar Morales, and Brian Storts, Annex shows revel in everything from the "Audio Installations" of Los Cremators — think sculptures made with album jackets and vinyl — to Autumn de Wilde's luminous photos of Elliott Smith set against the backdrop of mid-'90s urban Los Angeles. The preeminent goal is to provide art in an arts space that's accessible and fun. And in these efforts, Queen's Nails Annex rocks! No, it really does — the gallery has its own record label and opening-night DJed grooves. Now that's the sort of art with a beat you can dance to.

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Rumana Akter
Rumana Akter

An art gallery can be considered as a space which displays artworks. In art galleries one can see photographs, paintings, sculptures, installation arts, illustrations and much more. We can call it also as art museum in a way. Majority of the art galleries display paintings as their main medium.

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Rochelle Durst
Rochelle Durst

And Bob Linder (no "s") is no longer affiliated with the gallery. He has not been an active participant for two years. Current directors are Brian Storts, Julio Morales and Mike Bianco.

Rochelle Durst
Rochelle Durst

You neglected to mention that Brian Storts is currently the owner, co-curator/director of Queen's Nails Annex. The gallery is also currently directed by Mike Bianco. I wish you would have done your homework to give credit where it truly is due.

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