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Best Shoe Shine San Francisco 2008 - Dennis Franklin, aka Dr. D

Dennis Franklin, aka Dr. D

Dennis Franklin, aka Dr. D

Corner of Fourth St. and Market

San Francisco, CA 94103


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Don't let the sign fool you: "Warning: I have an attitude and I know how to use it." If Franklin's suggestive pointing at your leather shoes doesn't lure you into the chair, the Miles Davis or Cannonball Adderley streaming out of the two amps running off a car battery certainly will. Step up to the wicker lawn chair in front of the Virgin Megastore — his post for the last 13 years — and Dr. D will do you right: suds, leather solution, polish, and even some dye along the rim of the sole. Seven bucks for shoes, 10 for boots: "I've never met a shoe I couldn't bring back," he told us the first time we took the Dr. D challenge. Of course, in his hip pageboy hat, gator Stacy Adams shoes, and a blingy "D" hanging around his neck, the real challenge would be to walk away looking as sharp as the doctor himself.

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