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Best Smoking Bar San Francisco 2008 - Amber

Readers' Choice: Amber

Although some doctors, close friends, celebrities, scientific studies, families, and governmental organizations still insist that smoking is somehow harmful to your health, the most delicious, exciting, cinematic, and glamorous of oral fixations will always have a home in San Francisco, even if the paint begins to peel off the walls of said home. Therefore, think of Amber as one of the few remaining rooms in that home where you can still smoke, a fact made even more appealing by its proximity to the room where you can get wasted in darkness (The Transfer), the room where you can eat cheap pizza (CyBelle's), and the room where you can buy sexual potency supplements and Cheetos (George's). Aside from these nearby amenities, Amber itself contains couches, young people, bartenders, low lighting, and a dense, smoky atmosphere, all of which give it a convivial old-school appeal.

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