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Best Tea San Francisco 2008 - Leland Tea Company

Leland Tea Company

Leland Tea Company

1416 Bush

San Francisco, CA 94109


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There can't be too many places to enjoy a well-brewed cup of tea, and Leland Tea Company provides an especially homey and welcoming environment in which to enjoy it, with exposed brick, funky wood tables and chairs, and vaguely Art Nouveau ladies painted on the walls. The charming William, one of the owners, will greet you and lead you through their special Loose Leaf Tea Bar possibilities: dozens of canisters you can open and sniff to determine your favorite (they'll even blend something special for you on the spot). Food to go with your tea ranges from homemade soups, sandwiches, and salads to fresh baked goods. Classic tea services come on three-tiered stands; variations include your choice of triangle sandwiches (perhaps the classic cucumber or salmon salad), romaine salad, fresh fruit, scones, and butter cookies. And, if you really must, though teatime is about relaxing — there's free wi-fi.

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leland tea is a great place to work and/or relax. i have been coming here for 4 years and i haved loved watching it grow into a thriving community oriented pinnacle. my favorite tea is the organic pearl jas, and paired with a fresh daily baked blueberry and orange almond scone, drizzled with warm honey. now im getting hungry. perfect because they also have a wide variety of tea services that can fill anyone. the staff treat us like guests and provide above and beyond excellent service, everytime. i can already taste the sweet pastries and smell the aromatic teas, invigorating my senses and inticing me to visit again soon.


Well deserved, Leland Tea is my favorite place for tea. This place is welcoming in a way few places, tea or otherwise. By casual tea they mean you can come in any way you want and expect to be treated like friends. If you want doilies, lace, nick-nacks, and snootiness then you had better go elsewhere. The owners and staff make everyone feel at home. Since when does tea have to be so pretentious. I can enjoy Leland Tea in shorts and flip flops or dressed up for a tea party and Im always having fun and enjoying a great cup of tea.

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