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Best Used Bookstore San Francisco 2008 - Adobe Book Shop

Readers' Choice: Green Apple Books

Beneath the clutter, the disorganization, and the insane library of titles at Adobe, you'll find a highly sophisticated venue for artists, poets, musicians, and other jobless literates. Persian carpets underfoot and a delicious, moldy-aired sense of antiquity evoke the spirit of knowledge, and the various sections up and down the aisles will spark manic interest in such subjects as espionage, metaphysics and the occult, political science, and Greek history. Adobe's casual atmosphere invites guests to browse, loiter, and lounge for hours among a selection of cushioned chairs. Meanwhile, the storewide hush provides a first-rate eavesdropping environment, in which some neighborhood oddity is sure to be fingering his wise beard and recounting summertime frolics with the Merry Pranksters. Adobe's art gallery in back, periodic author readings, and live music draw an eclectic crowd — and those who settle in until closing might get some lucky late-night leftovers from Tartine.

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